Pay By Phone

Telephone Payments allow you to pay your rent and living expenses using a debit or credit card via a toll free phone number
(English & Spanish language support)

  1. Call 1-888-744-0026
  1. Listen to the global greeting message & choose English or Spanish
  1. Enter in the Payment Coupon Account Number
  1. The Pay By Phone system will let you know your current balance
  1. Enter in your card payment data (card number, expiration date, billing zip code) & the amount you would like to pay
  1. Confirm the payment details to process the payment
  1. The Pay By Phone system will confirm the payment was successful & provide you with a confirmation number



Q: Where do I get my payment coupon?

A: You can get your payment coupon from your property manager or by logging into your online portal account.

Q: How long is the account number on the coupon good for?

A: For the life of your lease, which includes renewals of the same unit.

Q: How will I know my rent balance?

A: You are provided your current balance at the retail location or on the phone when your payment coupon account number is entered

Q: How soon will my payment post to my resident ledger?

A: The payment is posted immediately after the cash payment is received (eMoney Order) or the payment is approved (Pay By Phone).