eMoney Order

The eMoney Order allows you to pay your rent and living expenses using cash at over 24,000 retail locations.
($2.00 or less to process, and no limit on the amount paid)

  1. Find a payment center by going to:  http://www2.datatel-systems.com/ext/client%20forms/CheckFreePayZIP.aspx
  1. Go to the customer service agent at the retail location
  1. Let the customer service agent know that you would like to place a “Resident eMoney Order”
  1. Give the customer service agent your coupon account number
  1. The customer service agent will confirm your identity & let you know your current account balance
  1. Give your payment to the customer service agent
  1. The customer service agent will provide you with a receipt for the amount tendered as proof of payment



Q: Where do I get my payment coupon?

A: You can get your payment coupon from your property manager or by logging into your online portal account.

Q: How long is the account number on the coupon good for?

A: For the life of your lease, which includes renewals of the same unit.

Q: How will I know my rent balance?

A: You are provided your current balance at the retail location or on the phone when your payment coupon account number is entered

Q: How soon will my payment post to my resident ledger?

A: The payment is posted immediately after the cash payment is received (eMoney Order) or the payment is approved (Pay By Phone).